At we often get asked whats the correct way in sending print ready artwork. Below you’ll find checklist of items to will insure your items will¬† print correctly.

Print Setup Requirements

  • A .125 inch border containing no live area “MUST” be allowed for cutting purposes.If Your final size is 4 X 6 you must submit a file that is 4.125 X 6.125 in size.
  • The size of the printed piece will be the same as the document size listed under Page Setup in the application program.
  • Front and Back of document should be setup as two separate pages, do not create both sides in a single file or page.
  • Files should be setup at a minimum of 300dpi [dots per inch] resolution. Very Important
  • Files must be saved in CMYK format not RGB.
  • All solid Black areas should be composed as a combination of Cyan 50%, Magenta 20%, Yellow 20%, and Black 100%.

The outer edge of the artwork is considered the “safety area” that is utilized for cutting. NO IMPORTANT TEXT OR IMAGES SHOULD BE PLACED WITHIN THIS AREA.

If you have any questions regarding any of these requirements please contact us. However if has to alter any files there will be a $50.00 file intervention fee.