Direct Mail Services

If you’re looking to augment your online and digital advertising with physical mailers, Cheap Club Flyers is here to help. If you think that direct mail services are not relevant in today’s digital world, think again!

Direct mail is one of the most powerful and versatile ways to advertise your business or organization and its products or services. 57% of customers open and view addressed mail – and a further 24% of recipients will put it aside to look at it later. 

Since 98% of people check their mail every single day, this means that direct mail products like postcards, letter envelopes, and other such mailers can be a very effective means of advertising your products and services. Learn more below, and see why you should pick 

Our Direct Mail Services – We Can Print & Send A Wide Variety Of Mailers! 

At Cheap Club Flyers, we make it easy for you to design and send mailers directly to your best customers. Postcards are the most widely-used type of direct mailer, as they have a higher response rate of 4.25%, which is higher than traditional envelope-based mailers. 

However, we can also work with you to design flyers and brochures that can be sent in envelopes, as well as a wide variety of other direct mail products. We can customize the size, color, finish, paper quality, and every other element of your direct mailer to ensure that it meets your needs and your budget.

With our printing and direct mail services, you can reach your customers more quickly, and deliver high-quality postcards and other mailers that will maximize response and conversion rates, and provide you with a great return on investment for your direct mail campaign.

How Direct Mail Works At Cheap Club Flyers

Wondering how direct mail services work at Cheap Club Flyers? Here’s what you need to know about our end-to-end direct mail services in Houston, and what you can expect from the process.


  • Work with us to design your mailers – First, you can use one of our templates or upload your own design to create mailers like postcards. We also offer professional graphic design services at Cheap Club Flyers. If you’re not interested in DIY design, we can work with you to create a professional, eye-catching design based on your input and requirements, ensuring your mailers will look their best.


  • We print your mailers – Next, we’ll print your postcards or other mailers using our digital printing tools, ensuring the highest possible quality. We use high-quality cardstock, and a resolution of 500 lines per inch to ensure that your mailers look clear, crisp, and professional.

  • Work with our direct mail experts to send your mailers – Next, we’ll work with you to send your mailers. If you have a list of customers and addresses to use, we can use these to send a mailer to each door. We also offer EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) services via USPS, which can send your mailers to every household on a specified mailing route or ZIP code.
  • Get results, measure your success, & design your next campaign – Using customized URLs and other such tools, you can track the results of your campaign, and see how many people are reached by your direct mail campaign. Using this information, you can develop your next mailer, ensure that it’s even more effective, and continue spreading the word about your products or services.



In just 4 simple steps, you can send out informative, effective postcards and mailers that will help you bring in more customers, and boost awareness of your company, organization, or event. 

Is Direct Mail The Same As EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)? 

Not necessarily. EDDM is a subset of direct mail. It uses a USPS tool to send flyers, postcards, or other mailed items directly to every household that is located on a particular mail route. This type of mass marketing can be useful, but there is no way to customize your recipients further. EDDM is a good option if you want to spread the word about your services far and wide, but if you’re more interested in a particular type of customer, it may not be the best choice.

There are other methods of direct mail that allow you to target more specific households. For example, you can use your own mailing list to send mailers directly to current or past customers. 

Or, you can purchase mailing lists from third-party companies that let you target homes in a particular demographic, or that have a certain level of income. This helps you target customers with more precision. 


The Benefits Of Choosing Direct Mail Service From Cheap Club Flyers


Direct mail has a number of benefits, particularly if you work with Cheap Club Flyers. Here are just a few of the reasons to work with our team and choose this method of advertising.


  • Affordable pricing – We offer industry-leading rates, and work with USPS to provide you with affordable postage for all of your postcards and other mailed items.




  • High return on investmentDirect mail marketing has an ROI of 29%, which is very high, and is behind only email marketing and social media marketing. Especially when used alongside these digital marketing methods, direct mail marketing can help you bring in more customers!


  • End-to-end service – We can help you design, print, and send direct mail – ensuring that it’s easy for you to reach your customers.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed – We always stand behind our work at Cheap Club Flyers. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the service you receive, we’ll make it right however we can – that’s a promise.



Contact Us Now To Get Started With Direct Mail Services At Cheap Club Flyers

If you want to expand beyond digital marketing and bring more customers into your business, direct mail services from Cheap Club Flyers are the best option for your needs. To learn more and start your project, just contact us online or give us a call at (713) 357-1622. 

We have expanded our postcard printing services to include direct mail designs, sometimes associated with EDDM (every door direct mail). We can design mailers to exemplify your business’s level of integrity and success. Our design direct mail services (link to DDM page) also include in-house printing capabilities ranging from color copies to classic B&W to full color brochures. Direct mail designs include the careful selection of the proper print pieces, design of the piece, as well as the actual print and direct mail fulfillment stage. Each piece is crafted to catch the eye, and our experts will ensure the lowest postage costs available.