The Best 21 Graphic Design Software for Flyers

As an entrepreneur, you need flyers to market your business to increase your product/service awareness and market share. However, to attract the attention of potential customers, you need to create an attractive flyer with the correct information. To achieve that you need the best graphic design software for flyers. 

To achieve this, you need the best graphic design software that’s easy to use and understand. Finding such tools if you’re not a professional designer can be tricky. But relax since you’re in the right place. We’ll show you the best graphic design software for flyers that will give you the desired results. You’ll reduce the operational cost through this software if you make your leaflets without involving a designer. 

1. Canva the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

To have an easy time designing your flyers, consider using Canva, which is popular among millions of people worldwide. Canva is online software that enables you to create different projects faster and easier. It has templates, stock images, shapes, and filters to design your flyer to your expectations. All you need to do is sign up, save your designs, and download them in any format. But you need to pay for some elements like photos, texts, and templates which are not free. However, you can also create the flyer without using the paid-for features.

Canva the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

2. GIMP the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

If you want software that allows you to photoshop, GIMP is here for that. It’s the best and free photoshop software that works just like adobe photoshop. Some people even claim it’s the best between the two. However, if you’re a newbie, you need to be patient to learn the tricks of creating better flyers.

GIMP software for flyers

3. Poster Maker the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

Another software you can use to design your flyers is the poster maker, which is in iTunes. It supports iPhone, iPod touch, iPad. But it’s optimized for iPhone 5 and uses ten different languages. Although it’s easy to use, it doesn’t allow you to export a high-quality PDF that’s more than 8.5 by 11 inches bigger. You cannot also design a layout that’s 11 by 17 inches for posters.

Poster Maker software for flyers

4. Microsoft Word the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

You can also use Microsoft Word to design your flyers within no time. You are wondering how this is possible? All you need to do this is the Microsoft Word versions from 2007 and above. You can also design posters, cards, or infographics with it. It has many templates that allow you to create your flyers with ease and faster. This is available for MAC and windows. 

Microsoft Word software for flyers

5. QuarkXpress the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

Another software that works just like the word processing program is QuarkXPress. It’s easy to use, making it ideal for even beginners. It allows you to create a complex page layout and also include your images or text. It enables you to add palette colors that make the final product look good after printing the flyer. It’s available for use in both Windows and MAC.

QuarkXpress software for flyers

6. Adobe Illustrator the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

If you want to design your flyers, use Adobe Illustrator, which is the best adobe program that can also create other promotional content. It enables you to develop clear, sharp lines and quality texts, images, and color. You can also change the pictures on this software but not as you’d with photoshop. It’s capable of creating a single page and arranging the texts and images in a single layout. You can use Adobe Illustrator for Windows or mac. 

Adobe Illustrator software for flyers

7. LucidPress the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

LucidPress is an online software that enables you to create flyers within no time. Its user interface is easy to use and clean, but it requires you to register most often. If you don’t register on this site, you’ll not export or share your designs. It has a free trial, but for you to use it, you need to pay. 

LucidPress software for flyers

8. Print Creations the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

Do you want software that will enable you to create printer-friendly flyers? Use the Print Creations, but you’ve got to pay for it. It has templates that you can use for other designs. It also allows you to make customizable flyers for printing with ease. You will not struggle using this software as it’s easy to use. You can use the windows or mac versions. 

Print Creations software for flyers

9. Adobe Photoshop the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

You can use Adobe Photoshop to make both professional and non-professional flyers easily. It allows you to create customized flyers according to your needs. But using this software is a bit complex, and it requires expertise to design the flyer. It’s the best software to make a flyer with attractive texts and beautiful photos. 

Adobe Photoshop software for flyers

10. PosterMyWall the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

PosterMyWall is another easy-to-use software you can use to design your flyers. It has a preset image gallery that you can use to design your brochure. After creating your flyer, you can download it for printing in high, medium, or free option qualities. The options leave a big watermark at the lower end of the flyer, which you can get rid of by cropping. But when you trim the flyer, it might interfere with the quality.

PosterMyWall software for flyers

11. FatPaint the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

Another software you can use to design your flyer is the FatPaint which can paint, create layouts and illustrations. It can also allow you to create logos and 3D texts, making your flyer unique. It has preset fonts and clipart to enable you to create a better flyer. What makes it a fantastic tool is the advanced options of creating beautiful 3D text graphics and 3d templates with several layers. 

12. Affinity Publisher the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

The Affinity Publisher will enable you to create a better flyer or poster with ease. It has an advanced but easy-to-use interface that allows you to create various effects or styles. It competes with InDesign in its print features and will enable you to add bleed or printer marks. 

affinity publisher software for flyers

13. Adobe InDesign the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

Adobe InDesign is the best software in the market that will help you create quality flyers. It permits you to choose the print design specifications, images, and topography. You can also change the gradient, filter the content, and include transparencies. However, it would help if you dug deep into your pocket as it’s not cheap. It’s also not the best software for beginners. 

summer club flyer

14. Adobe Spark the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

Adobe Spark allows you to make flyers and posters, and videos using your computer or iOS phone. It’s an easy-to-use application that helps you create a professional flyer faster. It allows you to create quality content then share it with various clients to promote your business. You can make a customizable flyer using filter effects and images.

15. DesignCap the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

Another online software you can use to create your flyers is the DesignCap which is efficient and faster. It uses three steps to create beautiful flyers and several templates. It also has various themes which enable you to meet your demands. The good thing about it is that you can make customized flyers anytime. 

16. MyCreativeShop the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

You can also use this online template application to create your flyers. It allows you to customize texts and images to create a high-quality flyer. It’s also easy to use and with good templates that will enable you to crop, scale or position your photos. You can get high-resolution pdf flyers that are printable for distribution. 

17. SmartDraw the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

You can use SmartDraw that has several templates like infographics, maps, and flowcharts to create your flyers. It’s easy using this software, making it the best choice for a busy person. You can use the free demo to test how it works before buying it. However, the 7-day trial has its disadvantages, like including the watermark on the final copy. It has a full PowerPoint, technical support, and SharePoint. 

18. Easy Flyer Creator the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

Easy Flyer Creator enables you to create a flyer of size 900 by 700. It has many templates that have a professional look and can create credentials similar to the original ones. However, some of its templates have spelling errors which you need to pay attention to. It also has a windows eight app with the same features. 

19. FlyerLizard the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

Another online software is the FlyerLizard which works differently from other sites which is easy to use. This is because you need to scroll down the page then press the blue “create” for the page you’ll use to make the flyer open. You have to login into the website for you to save, share and publish your flyers. You can also include images or manipulate texts to create a customized flyer. The good thing about this online software is you use it free of charge. 

20. G Suite/ Google Workspace the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

G Suite also known as Google Workspace is one of the products by Google that comes with features that enable you to create flyers for your business. You need to use either google docs or slide while creating the flyer designs, more so when relying on charts and diagrams from the google sheets. It’s easy to use and enables you to create your designs faster.

21. LibreOffice the Best Graphic Design Software for Flyers

LibreOffice software has a clean interface and several features which enable you to create better flyers with ease. It allows you to include diagrams or graphics in your flyer, making it unique and attractive. With this software, you can make customized flyers after manipulating the images and pictures. It can create or handle various image and document formats like high-quality PDF, which you can print after exporting. However, you need to download the templates to improve their design.

Tips You Should Use While Designing Flyers with The Best Graphic Design Software

If you want your flyers to be the best quality and unique, you’ve got to consider factors. With these tips, you’ll be able to create professional designs cheaply without involving a designer. To achieve that, use the following tips;

Consider the function of the flyer before making it

Before you publish your flyer, you’ve got to ensure it’s able to meet its purpose. This means that you need to create a flyer that can attract the attention of potential customers and make them pick it. You also have to use persuasive language and be clear to the point to avoid confusing customers. 

To achieve this, ask yourself these questions; 

  • What makes your flyer good?
  • What does a professional flyer look like?
  • What can make an info flyer stand out? 
  • What should an info flyer entail?

With these answers, you’ll be capable of designing a top-notch flyer that will meet its needs. A better design is likely to convert sales which is your main aim with your business. 

To make a good business flyer, also ensure that; 

  • You keep your information short and to the point. You can even edit the content to allow only the necessary information as the reader’s attention is always short.
  • Ensure the information is easy to read by using the right font size, which isn’t too big or small. Also, don’t forget to include your contacts and other important information on the flyer.

Make good use of grids to minimize space

Space is a big challenge for most designers trying to create flyers because most of them are either A5 or A6. This can be hard to use, forcing you to be creative to get enough room to include most of your information. It’s advisable to use grids that can be irregular parts to overcome this challenge. You’ll be able to have all your content and get a clean design flyer with it. 

You can even try using the diagonal sections on your grid to make something unique. All you need to do is start creating the grids and the content beforehand and see how easy this is.

Be colorful

Make your flyers brilliant to give them the energy you want. Making a dull flyer may not help you attract the attention of some clients. It can worsen if you combine dull colors and bad design, which will be a major turn-off. If you know that you’re poor at designing, try to incorporate nice colors that will cover it. Make colors for your new friend and use bold tones to design flyers for festivals or BBQ events. You can use a pop of neon to bring out the masculinity and the black and white for sporty occasions. 

Try to be a minimalists

Another trick you should employ when designing your flyers is to avoid being too much, especially if you’re creating a professional flyer. Don’t go for shouting fonts that won’t make the flyer beautiful, calm and subtle. You can opt for a flat design that will help you attract the attention of your clients with minimal effort. Also, consider using the white, black, and grey palette and one bold color. 

Also, use simple graphics and infographic icons to make it appealing but a dominating design. You can get stylish icons on vector icons from the Envato Elements or

Create appealing tech designs

Although you can design your flyers for door-to-door distribution, it’s advisable to make others used for online marketing. For this reason, include tech appeal on your flyer designs to enable you to share them on various online platforms. You can achieve this by incorporating clean sans serifs type, big buttons, or a simple color palette. 

Things To Do to Make Your Flyer Achieve Its Purpose

If you want your flyer to meet its intended purpose, there are things you’ve got to work with. 

They include;

Have a call to action

Never forget to include a call to action when creating the content to print on your flyer. With it, you’ll convince the customers to do something. Use convincing but straightforward words that are easy to see and read. 

Use high-resolution images

Another thing you shouldn’t include in your flyer is a low-quality image which will break your design. Try your best and get a high-quality picture that relates to the content on the flyer. A clear and sharp image will make your flyer look good after sharing it on different platforms.

Use full-bleed flyer

If you want your flyer to stand out from the rest, use the full bleed flyer design that looks polished and unique. But note that this flyer might give you challenges printing by yourself, so you’ve got to work with an established printing company to get it as it is. 


There are different software you can use to design your flyers. Some are free, while others require you to buy or sign up to be able to use them. Choose one of the above software and ensure you understand the tips and things to make the best flyer.