The Best 10 Poster Printing Services in Houston, Texas

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Despite the growth in digital advertising and sharing of information, poster printing services in Houston remains an effective way of relaying information to potential clients. That is because a single poster can communicate to many people when it’s strategically positioned. Even LED advertising displays have not managed to wipe out posters. Poster printing, therefore, is a subject that needs to be studied keenly. 

Why Are Poster Printing Services Important for Business?

First off, posters are an effective way of creating brand awareness.

At least we can all agree that provided you display your poster in an area with high human traffic, you are assured more people will be able to see it. I remember in college when guys would display posters on the walls. Just one or two posters were enough to inform everybody that there will be an end-of-year party down the hall on the last day of the semester. The same case applies to your business posters. With one poster, you can tell the masses that you exist and have something extraordinary to offer.

Secondly, a poster provides lasting exposure.

A well-designed and attention-grabbing poster will keep sending out the message to people for as long as you want to display it. Then, unless your poster is vandalized, anyone who passes by it has a chance to know what you are offering. But, on the other hand, it keeps reminding those who have already seen that something is going on with your business that they shouldn’t miss. As a precautionary measure, though, you shouldn’t let a poster be on display for so long because people are likely to wish it off. And you wouldn’t want that, right?

Another reason…

It’s a cost-effective way of marketing.

Compared to digital advertising, and electronic media advertising, print advertising is far much cheaper. Printing materials are not costly, and the production process and installation is also relatively more affordable. Spreading your message to a large audience in this way saves you money while still giving you results. That also makes it suitable for startups.

Additionally, posters offer flexibility in design and ease of distribution. 

You can have your posters designed in different sizes and shapes to fit your diverse needs. For example, it’s possible to have a smaller sign to match a smaller display area. 

On the other hand, posters are easy to distribute. For example, you can have them conveniently accessible for people to pick as they pass.

But even as you consider utilizing posters to boost your business growth, the way you design your posters determines how much interest you evoke in your prospects. 

Let’s Look at Some Hacks You Can Employ to Create Effective Posters for Your Business 

The most effective posters have attention-grabbing headlines that are easy to read from a distance. However, I have come across signs that don’t communicate a clear message to the audience, leaving them confused over what it’s all about. The heading should give a clear idea of what you want to put across. Additionally, headings longer than six words should be in upper and lower case.

Posters with big visuals and well-blending colors provoke emotions and can lure the reader into reading further. Therefore, big images or drawings tend to work well. But it’s best never to use pictures from the web because they have a low resolution unsuitable for printing posters.

The color palette you use should be impactful even when viewed in low lighting. Your choice of colors should be guided by the kind of emotion you want the reader to experience.

Clean and uncluttered posters tend to be more effective.

Why? While some people think that they have to use up all the space on the poster, bright people use spacing to allow readers to focus on the message. Simplicity is vital because your viewers only have a few seconds to view your posters, and you want to utilize that limited time fully.

More giant posters command more attention, and they tend to give the impression that your business is well established. Also, bold stroke fonts with clean lines tend to work well. Finally, the kind of font you pick for your poster should be easy to read from a distance. Recommended fonts for your posters include Arial, Univers, Helvetica, and Times New roman.

As you work on the resolution, contrast, and visibility, don’t forget to include a call to action.

If you can’t design a poster by yourself, you can utilize templates to create attention-grabbing posters. Alternatively, you can contract poster printing services for your print jobs.

However, getting the right person or company to produce business-grade posters for you is a taxing job because some people will not deliver what they promised.

What Should You Look for in a Poster Printing Service Provider?

1. Excellent Customer Service

It would help if you worked with someone who makes you feel valued as a customer. The attendants should be eager to assist and make suggestions on making your print job look exceptionally great. They should also answer any queries you may have and advise on how to improve on areas that seem lacking.

2. Quality Print Job

Check that the end product meets your expectations. Check if the quality of paper used satisfies your needs. The ink used also should not be easy to wipe off or peel. The best way to test for quality you are likely to get with a printing service provider is to ask for samples before assigning them work.

3. Affordable Rates

The ideal companies you choose to work with should offer you affordable rates. The best thing to do is go through the prices and compare them with other competitors so that you can get the ideal market price. Don’t forget that cheap is expensive but again expensive is not always the best. So, don’t compromise quality for money but pay a reasonable price. Please find out how much it costs to print a poster here.

Consistency in Producing Quality Work

Be keen on the quality of work the company you choose offers because you might be provided high-quality samples and still be offered low-quality work along the way. Make sure you brush through their other works and check the first batch of print results they produce to make sure they are consistently giving you high-quality print jobs.

Turnaround time

While some people may not have a problem getting their work delivered late so long as it is of high quality, others may need the job done immediately. What category are you in? If you work with timelines, don’t just assume you will get your work in time. Instead, inquire about the turnaround time to avoid disappointments.


The most resourceful place to find information about the quality you are likely to get from a provider is from previous clients. A quick search on Google should provide you with that information. Better yet, if you have a friend who has served there before, they can tell you what to expect.

With that said, let’s now have a look at the top 10 best poster printing services in Houston based on availability, qualification, reputation, experience, availability, and professionalism.

#1. FedEx Office Print & Ship Centre; Poster Printing Services in Houston

FedEx is a multinational company that has its headquarters in Plano, Texas. They offer printing, copying, and binding services for your business. Being an old company established in 1970, you can be sure they’ll provide you with excellent service and high-quality print jobs. You can order for any printing jobs ranging from announcement cards, architectural prints, banners, brochures, business cards, calendars, certificates, custom boxes, display banners, posters, and every other kind of print job you would like to contract.

#2. Houston Posters Printing; Poster Printing Services in Houston

Houston posters printing is located on Wertheimer Road, Houston, Texas. It’s one company you can give a chance with your printing jobs because they have very positive reviews. They handle various printing services such as banners, posters, customized business cards, marketing products such as calendars, door hangers, and magnets, packaging products such as branded packaging boxes, and screen printing on clothing such as t-shirts and caps.

#3. Copy Doctor; Poster Printing Services in Houston 

Copy doctor specializes in newsletters, postcards, booklets, mounting, and binding. We can’t solely rely on feedback from previous clients. After all, it could have been written by paid supporters or employees. But how about this? Copy doctor has previously been recognized for quality print jobs and excellent customer service by the Houston business journal. Social proof goes a long way into boosting customers’ confidence in one’s service. So this kind of recognition shouldn’t go unnoticed. Copy Doctor is located in Bissonnet Street, Houston, Texas.

#4. Copy dot com; Poster Printing Services in Houston

As I was doing my research, I came across some very positive reviews from previous customers who have had their print jobs done at copy dot com here. One unique thing about Copy dot com is that they offer self-serve computers to you, so you can design your work the way you want if you are the type who likes to have things done by yourself. Their services range from business card printing, photo printing, poster printing, resume printing, canvas printing, flyer printing, and graphics design.

#5. Minuteman Press; Poster Printing Services in Houston

In January 2021, entrepreneur magazine rated minuteman press as the number one printing franchise in the printing industry. That alone should tell you that you will get the quality you expect from them with your print jobs, and they have reasonable prices according to feedback from previous customers. They are located in Chenevert street suite A, Houston, Texas, and they offer large format printing, laser engraving, graphic design, digital printing, commercial printing, and much more.

#6. Catdi Printing in Texas; Poster Printing Services in Houston

Why is Catdi on this list? The answer… consistency! Catdi has served Houston for over ten years. The only way to survive in a business that long is by consistently providing value to your clients. Catdi prides itself as a one-stop-shop for all your printing, graphic design, and web design needs. So, do I believe them? No, I trust the reviews here. Next, please!

#7. Best Blueprint; Poster Printing Services in Houston

In addition to business materials and stationery such as brochures, postcards, catalogs, magazines, booklets, and many more, they also produce signage, vehicle wraps, and construction documents. Having someone who dares to say they can create anything you require is reassuring, and Best blueprint does precisely that.

#8. CME Printing in Texas; Poster Printing Services in Houston

The best thing with CME printers is that they let you pick the design, size, and color you prefer, then you let them do the printing. That means you are actively involved in the production of your desired material. They offer affordable prices and paramount customer service, and that makes them tick.

#9. Bay Area Printing; Poster Printing Services in Houston

Bay area printing is another company that is able to provide high-quality output without compromising on quality. According to one review from a previous customer, they are about half the FedEx price, and the quality is top-notch. They can work on a tight schedule and meet deadlines. Their range of products includes event flyers, newsletters, direct mail, and advertising.

#10. Divine Promotions and Printing; Poster Printing Services in Houston

Divine promotions and printing is an award-winning printer named the best print shop in Houston in 2020. Businesses are marketed through high-quality printing of giveaway materials, direct mail, and newsletters. Divine Promotions also support small businesses by offering recycled business materials. They are located at Brookglen, suite b Houston, Texas, and reviews from previous clients can tell their experienced staff know what they are doing.

Bottom-line on Poster Printing Services in Houston

Poster printing Is still an essential aspect of a business. Posters are a cost-effective way of creating brand awareness and marketing compared to other forms of advertising. They offer flexibility in terms of size, design, and shapes. They are also easier to distribute.

To make effective posters, use attention-grabbing headings that communicate the message you intend to send across. Also, use colors that blend in well, and have a solid call to action.

If you cannot create a poster yourself, you can use available templates or contract a printing company.

Giant posters command more attention. However big your poster is, you should not fill it up with information. Readers can focus on the message more when your poster is not clustered. The recommended fonts for posters are Arial, Univers, Helvetica, and Times New Roman because they can be read easily from a distance.

A good printing company should offer you excellent customer service and quality results. Don’t forget to ask for samples before you contract services with a printing company.

A good printing service company should offer reasonable prices without compromising on quality. Be sure to compare prices to avoid being overcharged. Also, make sure they supply you with high-quality work consistently.  

Always remember to ask the expected turnaround time and check reviews from previous clients before contracting printing services. That will give you a glimpse of what to expect.

The top 10 poster printing services in Houston, Texas include Cheap Club Flyers, Catdi, divine promotions printing, bay area printing, CME printing, best blueprint, minuteman press, copy dot com, copy doctor, Houston poster printing, and FedEx office print & ship center. So you can pay them a visit for excellent poster printing.