How Effective Are Flyers for Marketing in 2021?

handing out flyers

Before the sophisticated digital age mode of advertising, there were flyers. And God, did they do a great job marketing both large and smaller brands. So, the question is, are these flyers still relevant in a fast-paced digital marketing world filled with those massive Facebook and Instagram ads.

Recent marketing and advertising poll state that over 60% of the US brands still use flyers to reach a massive chunk of their customers. And while digital marketing is reining in fast, it seems not everyone is a fan of online adverts.

Reasons abound as to why brands still want to use this conventional campaign method. From saving on costs to enjoying a more physical advertising space, flyer marketing is still alive and active. But like any marketing strategy, you must get it right, lest your efforts go down the drain. So let’s investigate how you can scale your business with a flyer-based marketing strategy.

Flyers Are Good for Raising Brand Awareness

Among the explanations why flyers work is that they are a great marketing tool to reinforce your brand. And with people now wanting to experience things physically, the print medium is perhaps the best way to advertise.

But the lockdowns have also had people eager for those daily walks and attracted to that massive beautiful poster. Also, a well-scripted leaflet in the mail might be a source of fresh air away from the screen.

But for any flyer to be effective it must have a strong visual appeal, which leads to immediate recognition. A nicely designed brochure increases recognition, making potential consumers ask questions about your products.

I would suggest that you get creative not just with the design but the flyer size, too. And since everything seems to be happening online, you could also bring your flyer adverts here. However, it demands that you invest in a high-quality digital version of the flyer to pitch a tent online.

Print Marketing Is Affordable and Cost-Effective 

With the world economies looking bleaker than ever, who wouldn’t mind saving on advert costs and still have buyers knocking? Flyer marketing is one of the cheapest ways to reach the masses and make massive sales, especially for smaller businesses and startups.

With printing having gone digital, leaflets are now much more affordable. For example, you can take advantage of free online creative and graphic design tools to make a flyer. In essence, you would be saving huge chunks of cash in the form of labor costs. And while the printing costs largely depend on quality, size, and number of leaflets, the prices can also go down with bulk orders.

There are still other ways to cut down on cost too. Say, even after completion of the design, you must only print a reasonable amount to avoid wastage. Think of it this way, too many flyers without pre-orders can reflect in money waste. Too few means that you do not meet the demands leading to wasted opportunity.

Meanwhile, did you also know that flyers enable you to communicate more information for less cost? So while you will be spending some money on a flyer, more people can view it countless times at no extra cost. For instance, if you install your flyer in a high-traffic area, you can expect it to reach many people at a single initial price.

Flyers Are Easy to Make and Distribute

Flyer marketing doesn’t take much of your time, especially if you still want to reach as many people as you can. Whether you are an experienced designer or using professional services, you can think of just about the best emotive flyer idea, design, print, and do a door-to-door distribution of the leaflets within the shortest time.

You can also target your neighborhood, local town center, and beyond for distribution. Assuming you are distributing in households, shopping malls, or even that busy street, ensure that you have good leaflets. Then, you can spend a few minutes with each of your potential customers, explaining what your brand is all about.

The Pandemic Has Kept People in Their Homes

Unlike the pre-pandemic days when almost everyone was on the move, now most people are home, relaxed, and can check the mail for those leaflets to peruse. Without a sweaty hassling lifestyle, it is also much easier to physically meet your prospective customers in their homes and even explain your brand during distribution.

Besides listening, they have ample time to study your leaflet, going through it slowly and carefully. It means that it is now easier for someone to convert because they are not venturing into the outdoors as often as possible, yet they might need various products, including yours.

There Is Ad Space Overload on Digital Platforms; Flyers for Marketing

With the advent of digital marketing, most brands pitched a tent on every online ad space. The competition for ads on these platforms means higher ad costs because demand outweighs supply.

Digital Marketing research states that the trend for ad space is still relentless. The situation could be even more demanding in the next five years. The digital CAC could surpass the current 45% to about 60% by then.

Anyway, that means that a clever brand should include other marketing options to stay afloat. And what could be more effective than the previously overlooked flyer marketing? Even as a traditional method, you can still use technology to test their distribution and conversion rates right within your immediate environment and beyond.

Meanwhile, as businesses compete for online visibility, there is just one unlikely side effect. People are no longer keen to view the ads. Perhaps they see them just like any other online content. So even if you spent loads of cash to have your brand on social media, the conversion rates might be disappointing compared to offline’s flyer campaigns.

Tips for Effective Flyer Advertising; Flyers for Marketing

Even though flyer marketing is one of the most inexpensive ways to have your brand out there, not every flyer will yield the expected results. Why? Because you might not have put the necessary ingredients in it to draw the attention it requires. A key feature in flyer advert development is the design stage. This very initial phase often determines if your posters/leaflets will make an impact or have people looking at you in disdain. So here are some of the best ways you can create an effective flyer for your campaign.

1. Speak Directly to Buyers; Flyers for Marketing 

One of the best ways to address your prospective directly is with an attention-grabbing headline. Then remember customers have just one interest, something to solve their problem. It is why this headline should also highlight the benefits of a product/service.

I suppose you can easily relate to headlines with such wordings as How to, Let us, Easy, the ultimate, or Free bonuses. Wouldn’t such headlines make you give a second glance at an advert.? Other than that, make your flyer as informative as possible.

Anyone should know at first glance what the brand is all about. For example, it showcases the products and where to find them. Then, of course, make your narrative convincing to excite your audience to purchase or attend that event

2. Pay Attention to The Graphics; Flyers for Marketing

Like your snappy headline, graphics need to draw instant attention. A clever method is to use full, bright colors and striking graphics. Yet another trick is to toss in a single but stunning image. The pic can work as a focal point that draws in your target audience and inspires them to ask all the right questions. Combined with a fantastic headline, you can expect only positive gravitation.

3. Use a Clear and Compelling CTA; Flyers for Marketing

How would your audience respond to a brand without a definite Call-To-Action? It would appear just like any promotional content which stops right there. But with a well-composed call-to-Action, tell your customers what they should do, how they can reach you, or get the products they require.

So, how do you compose the most powerful CTA for your marketing efforts? Since we are talking about a flyer advert, it may not need too much text. Hence a button call to action could suffice. This format comprises the shortest copy possible, which could merely do with 2 or 3 words.

Another method you can use is an In-copy call to action, which works well with a more extensive page. The method caters to lengthy sentence wording within the flyer or at the bottom of the page.

Meanwhile, strive to make your call-to-action an action by using only the strongest of verbs. Words such as Buy, Visit, Call, or Donate are relevant. Then, of course, do not forget to add some sense of urgency. An example could be Buy Now-Offer ends tomorrow or Buy Now-Limited offer. Anything to make buyers make haste to contact you works like magic.

4. Keep Highlighting the Benefits; Flyers for Marketing

As I already mentioned, every prospect wants to know what it is for them. It is why your content should be from a buyer’s standpoint. And so, I would suggest you write using the second-person perspective, which is You. First-person narrative voice such as we, I, is often a marketing advert no-no, hence do not include them in your main content.

But then again, as you high spot the benefits, use fewer words, staying straight to the point. If you check out some high-performing brands, you will discover a common trend in the wordings such as guarantee, save, free. They are simple, straightforward words yet potent.

5. Print on Both Sides of the Flyer; Flyers for Marketing

Since money and cost are the determinant factor in flyer creation, it doesn’t hurt to maximize your leaflet. Using both sides of the flyer means you can communicate more with less money. But, then, be strategic about how you place each info.

For example, the main message must appear at the front. On the other hand, the back can have wordings such as a complete list of services, customer reviews and testimonials, and your location. You can even toss in any recent awards for exemplary service.

6. Request Your Prospective to Pass It On; Flyers for Marketing

There is nothing as powerful as word of mouth. And even if someone isn’t interested in your product, the buyer can recommend it to someone they know who might want to use your products/ services. So, as you distribute, ask that the prospective spread the word. But you can also include some written notes in your copy asking them to pass it on.

7. Proofread Your Message; Flyers for Marketing

Would you want to order piles of adverts only to discover it has not one or two but several mistakes? The thing is that once an order is out of the printers, that is it. Even if you wanted to fix it, it is almost impossible, yet you may have spent a fortune. The best thing is to proofread every word, ensuring that it says what it means. If you are a busy bee, you can hire a professional proofer/editor to do this part of the task for you.

And lastly, your contact info is the most significant link between you and buyers. So, double-check. One of my best methods for checking if the contact info is correct is to dial up the numbers on the flyer. The same applies to any email addresses I might have included. Then, I will send an email to that ad and see if it shows.

8. Adapt Graphic Design Best Practices; Flyers for Marketing

Like any other profession, creative and graphic design has its set of best practices. If adopted, these methods are mostly a sure bet for a winning flyer. One of them is the design cleanliness, ensuring that the pre-printout material is easy to navigate.

What I mean is that your page should have just enough visuals and excellent formatting. At that point, any text alongside the image should equally be brief and precise and not crowd the page. Of course, you might face a few hiccups if you are not a professional graphic designer. I would suggest using professional services for the best results.

Flyer Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Curiosity abounds whether flyer marketing works. But, of course, it does, and it is why we have plenty of other questions cropping. So here are some of the FAQs, along with answers.

How Can I Create A Flyer Advert?

If you are tech-savvy, you can use various programs, including Canvas, to create your simple flyer. If not, I would recommend you use professional graphic design services for an appealing, crowd-pulling advert.

How Can I Effectively Distribute Flyers?

There are several ways you can distribute. For one, you can do a door-to-door distribution exercise. You can also list a considerable number of addresses and send them via mail. But if these are not your style, or make you uncomfortable, then I suggest you hire flyering services. Professional flyer services will efficiently distribute the leaflets or hang the poster at high-traffic locations.

Is It Costly to Make Flyers?

The cost of making flyers depends on various factors. For example, if you are designing and printing them yourself, the price might be much lower than hiring a graphic designer’s professional services.

Remember, it all starts with the idea that might require a creative designer’s help. Then, of course, your flyer’s type of paper and size is a crucial cost determinant. If yours is a small business, you would want to cut costs.

But a cheaper option is never the best as you might not produce the most effective flyer advert to convert. Instead, you can shop around for a good designer, negotiate and strengthen your marketing efforts with a good dose of professionalism.


Flyers are an excellent way to market your small business, creating awareness both off/online. And if you are starting, you can use this strategy by handing out the leaflets anywhere and everywhere as you move. But even before you have that flyer on the ready, the critical stage involves having a perfect idea. Unless you are an inborn creative, you can get stuck right from the start. The best thing would be to do extensive market research, shopping for a professional designer to help you out. Again, the internet abounds with endless flyer resources to peruse and come up with the best flyer idea.