How Are Flyers Printed? How it All Works

How Are Flyers Printed? Understanding How It All Works

 Thinking about working with Cheap Club Flyers to print flyers for your business, organization, or event? Not sure how your flyer turns from a blank piece of cardstock or paper into a fully-formed, trimmed, and folded full-color flyer?

In this blog, we’ll give you a basic overview of the “gang run” printing process used to create flyers, and some insights on how the printing process works at Cheap Club Flyers. Read on, and get all the details you’ve ever wanted to know about how flyers are printed.

 Understanding The Basics Of “Gang Run” Printing For Flyers

 In most cases, flyers are printed using a “gang run” printing process. What this means is that multiple printing projects (a “gang”) are printed on the same sheet (“run”) of paper. In other words, your flyers may be printed alongside those of 1, 2, or several companies on large sheets that are usually about 28”x 40” in size.

Once the print run has concluded, your flyers will be cut away from the sheet, and so will the flyers from your neighboring companies. Then, each set of flyers will be packaged separately, and sent to the appropriate client.

Why is this the standard method of printing flyers? Because gang run printing has a number of unique benefits.


  • Saves on setup time & costs – Setting up a printing machine to print a new flyer or other paper product takes a lot of time, and this is one of the biggest costs associated with a printing project.By printing multiple projects on a single sheet of paper, the overall labor costs of re-tooling the machine and preparing for a new print run can be dramatically reduced, compared to running each print run on its own sheet of paper.
  • Reduces wasted paper – Without gang run printing, a lot of paper would go to waste. There would be a lot of paper that was not used during the print run, which would be trimmed and thrown away.Gang run printing lets multiple, differently-sized flyers be printed on the same paper sheet – preventing waste that can harm the environment, and maximizing cost efficiency.
  • Makes smaller print runs more economical – Because more flyers and other printed materials can be fitted onto the same sheet, it’s possible to print a more limited run of flyers without adding too much additional cost.


Thanks to these benefits, gang run printing helps reduce energy consumption, ink, and paper waste, and labor – as well as the overall cost of printing your flyers. Gang run printing does have a few disadvantages, such as slightly lower color control and a reduced selection of paper stock, but these are heavily outweighed by its benefits.

How Your Flyers Are Printed At Cheap Club Flyers – An Overview Of The Process 

Need an overview of the flyer printing process? Here’s a quick outline of what you can expect when working with Cheap Club Flyers to have your flyers printed.


  1. Create and upload your design – First things first, you’ll need to have a design for your flyer. You can create a flyer using one of our pre-built templates, upload your own design, or even work with our graphic design team to create a customized flyer that is sure to attract customers. You can choose from a number of different types of card and paper stock, unique finishes, and more to make sure your flyers stand out. The choice is yours!
  2. Your flyer is added to the gang-run queue – Once we have received your design and information about your flyer, we’ll add it to the gang-run queue. If your order is large enough, your flyers may be printed on a single sheet of paper. Otherwise, they will be printed alongside a series of other flyers and paper products from other companies.
  3.  Cheap Club Flyers prints your flyers – We will use our high-quality, rapid digital offset printers to print your flyers using high-quality ink, and a resolution of up to 500 lines per inch. This ensures that your flyers are of the best possible quality, and will represent your company appropriately when they’re handed out or sent to customers.
  4. Your flyers are cut and removed from the sheet – Once your flyers have been printed, they’ll be cut automatically by our machines into the proper shape and size. Then, we will remove each flyer from the sheet.
  5. Additional details are added, if necessary – Finally, we will use automated machines to perform any additional detail work. For example, we can automatically fold or perforate the flyers, based on your specifications. This saves you time by ensuring that you do not have to add these details manually.


Once your flyers are complete, we’ll send them directly to your business – free of charge. We always do our best to provide fast, reliable service. And with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we know you’ll be thrilled with your flyers. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we will make it right – that’s our promise to every customer!


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