Houston Area Businesses Grow with New Affordable Direct Mail EDDM Program

CheapClubFlyers.com knows that small businesses focus on local clientele to generate their ‘bread and butter’ income and so they have teamed up with the USPS for their new Every Door Direct Mail program (EDDM).

According to a Print in the Mix survey, 79% of consumers will act immediately on a direct mail piece received from any brand, while 56% found printed material to be more trustworthy than other media channels. This had led to a recent resurgence of interest in direct mail. Both businesses and consumers realize that the widespread digital environment has given birth to a staggering amount of communication which can easily be replaced, updated and is mostly ignored by potential customers. By using print media, businesses promote a one on one dialogue with their prospective client. A dialogue which allows for businesses to build a customer relationship that is enduring and committed.

Local businesses are now able to reach potential customers in the areas of their choice by using mail delivery route information, instead of names and exact addresses. In the past, any items mailed by a business to a city route had to have specific addresses printed on the pieces. The EDDM program allows for all mailings to be distributed by Postal carriers. Specific addresses are not necessary because both city and rural routes are treated the same. Letter carriers deliver supplements along with the day’s mail to every door that businesses want to reach.

Many businesses, mostly the small business to consumer type, such as dry cleaners, auto repair shops, physiotherapists, plumbers, beauty salons and individuals which offer a variety of services benefit from this type of advertising.

The four main advantages of EDDM are:

Reach. The ability to select specific zip codes and carrier routes allows you to target geographically, ensuring your message reaches consumers in areas most relevant to your business. Additional demographic filters exist if you have a slightly more targeted methodology.

EDDM offers flexibility. The variety of postcard sizes available provides flexibility with your messaging. The smaller formats allow for copy that is short and sweet while larger formats offer room for a more detailed description of your product or service. You are not limited to using postcards either as you can mail anything that meets ‘commercial flat’ size requirements, this includes catalogs, brochures and menus.

EDDM is value for money. With no mailing permits or lists to buy and with postage at only 17.5 cents per item the program is highly economical.

EDDM is effective. Print media is a practical supplement to the repetitive cycle of digital media and actually increases the overall impact of a digital campaign. By adding a tactile element, which has a degree of personalization, you are able to create campaigns which increase exposure, response, and prospect engagement through multiple channels.

To learn more about the Every Door Direct Mail process, including specifications, quantities required, and how to prepare your mailing you can contact us or go to www.usps.com/everydoordirectmail.

Besides offering assistance with the EDDM program,  CheapClubFlyers.com offers a wide range of print services to suit any needs your business may have. This includes letterheads, envelopes, business cards, postcards, flyers, pocket folders, brochures, NCR forms, door hangers, rack cards, sell sheets, and just about anything you can imagine.

Our in-house team of graphic designers can also assist you with putting together the most effective, high quality designs to match your needs. Whether you are aiming for a more formal and corporate appearance or something a little more casual and laid back we can help you with every aspect of your corporate stationery and print media marketing, from concept and design to final printing.