As a small business owner you have probably heard all about Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) from the US Post Office. In the simplest of explanations EDDM is a Direct Mailing Campaign which you set up to target your desired consumer. You do not need names or street addresses, therefore you don’t have to buy or rent a mailing list. Instead your mail is distributed according to a carrier route, which means that associated sorting and transportation is less, meaning less cost for USPS which translates into savings in your pocket. Your route can be for an entire zip code or you can use the USPS demographic filters to further streamline your mailing list.

EDDM Benefits

What are the benefits of using Every Door Direct Mail for your business?

  • Not only can you mail oversized postcards, but you can also mail catalogs, brochures, or anything that meets “commercial flat” size requirements
  • The physical size of the mail piece is larger than most, which means it is more noticeable
  • Postage is 17.5 cents per piece and you don’t have to mess with stamps
  • You don’t have to deal with address labels
  • You don’t have to buy or rent a mailing list
  • You can pick your mailing area by carrier routes
  • You do NOT need a Postal Mailing Permit to use EDDM

• It is possible to exclude certain addresses, such as competitors, customers, or people you know that do not wish to receive your marketing messages by using the facing slip provided
• You can mail as few as 200 pieces per day or as many as 5000 pieces per day – the choice is yours!!!
Using to plan your EDDM campaign has a few extra advantages.
As we work directly with USPS and have experience with the EDDM Program we can guarantee that your piece will comply with all EDDM regulations regarding size, labelling options as well as the specific bundling and mailing requirements demanded by USPS
We offer varying quantities for your print run, beginning with 500 pieces where most printers offer a minimum run of 1000 pieces. These smaller quantities are great for if you want to run a test campaign, offer a special promotion to people that stay within a certain radius of your business or have a promotion that lasts for a specific time period only.
We arrange for all of our clients to speak directly to a USPS representative who will explain everything you need to know about the EDDM program, this includes planning the routes for your EDDM campaign.
When designing the piece there are a few things you should keep in mind:
• While a full-color piece will cost a bit more, the impact can greatly outweigh the cost variance. High resolution images, bold colors, and clean typography create a high-impact piece that will stand out in the mail.
• Remember that every word counts so try to think about copy that will provide enough information to your customer without boring them. Something catchy and memorable which will remain long after your piece has been binned.
• Special offers, QR codes, and dedicated URL’s are all viable ways to track the success of a campaign, and they can reinforce your online marketing. Measuring the success of a campaign is vital as it will help you to decide whether it should be changed, continued or shifted completely.
Starting at just $175 for a double sided piece, can create a marketing design that will suit you, tick all the requirements boxes for an EDDM campaign and still leave you smiling when it comes time to pay!!!!!