Small-to-medium sized business owners seeking new marketing materials are in luck. Houston-based company CheapClubFlyers.com is set to include new Every Door Direct Mail Postcards & Marketing. The expansion of direct mail services comes at an interesting time, as chief marketing officers and business owners take stock of the new and classic advertising ventures that demonstrate a strong return on investment.

Even today, in the increasingly digital world, direct mail, especially EDDM campaigns, earn the respect of marketing experts. According to the CMO Council, direct marketing produced about $2.05 trillion in sales in 2012 – representing about 8.7 percent of the United States’ GDP. Four-fifths or 79 percent of consumers will act on direct mail immediately – much greater than the 45 percent of survey respondents who say they will deal with email right after receiving an offer in October 2013. In addition, direct mails has a proven better response rate than email – 25 percent versus 23 percent. Direct mail still manages to reign supreme, offering between a 1.1 and 1.4 percent – greater than the 0.03 percent for email, 0.04 percent for Internet display ads and 0.22 percent for paid search in May 2013.


Yes, direct mail campaigns, especially customizable ones like EDDM allows for small- to-medium sized business owners to see a strong return on investment for a marketing strategy. As a result, CheapClubFlyers.com has expanded its product offerings to provide clients with the greatest series of options available. A new program created by the United States Postal Service is being met with the creativity of printing experts at CheapClubFlyers.com.


“Looks like the USPS has found something that small businesses actually want with this new program. Many small businesses have been looking for an affordable way to utilize direct mail marketing without all the usual costs. Traditional direct mail marketing ventures have a proven advertising value, which is why it’s crucial that local area businesses strive to combine digital ventures with more classic options like direct mail. We are proud to be a Houston resource for this service it’s been very fulfilling in promoting this service to our clients,” said Carlos deSantos – president and CEO of Catdi, Inc.